Is your toddler partial to a tasting plate? Are you catering to a picky eater who likes to colour-code their food? Then you’ll love the clever compartment design of our Divided Plate – it lets you keep the wet from the dry while ensuring portion sizes aren’t overwhelming to little eyes.

Thoughtful design has shaped the entire 5-piece set, with wide-based cups that we tested on miniature human hands to ensure they’re easy to hold, smooth cornered plate compartments so washing out food is a cinch, and a simple fork & spoon cutlery set – ‘cos what kid ever uses the knife?

The ultimate beauty of our Bamboo Dinner Set is that it’s made from a sustainable, 100% biodegradable bamboo bi-product that won’t cost the earth – pricewise or ethically.

This set includes:

5 Section Divided Plate - 21 x 27cm  (8" x 10.5")
Small Bowl - 13.5 x 11.5 x 5cm  (5.3 x 4.5 x 2")
Cup - 6 x 6.5cm  (2.3 x 2.5") 
Cutlery (spoon & fork) - 13.5cm long  (5.3”)

Love Mae Eat Your Greens bamboo 5pc dinnerware

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